Each athlete will start with an evaluation. This will help us see what areas they need to improve to become a more solid athlete. Below are the 10 areas we test, along with an explanation on each.

Based on the results we will develop a program that will enhance the athlete’s visual processing centers to bring them above the rest of the competition.

We are able to compare your athlete to athletes the same age, same sport, same position and same level. Along with that we can also compare to higher levels of competition too!

What do we measure?

Visual Clarity – see details at a distance
Contrast Sensitivity – see the ball in the noise
Depth Perception – judge depth information
Near/Far Quickness – change your focus rapidly
Perception Span – visually acquire critical information
Reaction Time – hand reaction to a visual signal
Multiple Object Tracking – track objects moving in space
Target Capture – rapidly shift and recognize peripheral targets
Eye/Hand Coordination – hand responses to changing targets
Go/No Go – make decisions and react in pressure situations